Chris Evans’ ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Trying to come off as a casual fan by calling him Captain America instead of Steve


you’re safe as long as you don’t imagine your otp slow dancing to ‘the way you look tonight’ in their pjs in the kitchen of their new house at 3am with their heads resting on each other’s shoulders if you do imagine that then you’re ruined im sorry

Why don't you use capital letters?



the kids on tumblr are more receptive to text posts that lack proper capitalization and I am a businessman


petition for the next xmen movie to be 2 hours of charles and erik smooching featuring darwin being not dead

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Peter’s first read through.


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Describe yourself on anon and I’ll say if I’d date you. 

Age, gender, height, eye and hair color, then tell me what your favorite something (hobby, class, music, etc) and what kind of date you want me to take you on. 


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Thor making a series of vines where he hands the other Avengers mjolnir casually like ‘hold this’ when they’re not paying attention and obviously they fall over and it’s hilarious

and he tries to do it to Steve and he’s like ‘hold this, Steve’ and without looking up from his paper Steve’s like ‘sure’ and takes it off if him, he just calmly holds it and continues to read

The rest of the vine is just Thor’s stunned and impressed expression

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